Janssen commitment to HIV

There are an estimated 36.7 million people currently living with HIV globally and 1.8 million people becoming newly infected each year.1 Hence, it is more critical than ever to step up the fight against the HIV epidemic.

For many, HIV is no longer a fatal disease but a chronic condition managed by lifelong therapy thanks to innovations in antiretroviral treatments. Progress in HIV treatment is no longer solely about incremental advances in efficacy and tolerability, but increasingly focused on reducing pill burden, and the management of long-term toxicities and comorbidities.

Janssen’s 25 year commitment to the fight against HIV involves addressing the epidemic through education, prevention, detection and treatment. Our goal is to reduce HIV-related morbidity and mortality and to help those living with HIV to achieve an improved quality of life.



Quality of life as the 4th target in WHO’s HIV-strategy?

Quality of Life

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We have brought medicines to market across a range of patient populations that have helped redefine the expectations of an HIV treatment in terms of efficacy, tolerability, simplicity and durability.


Janssen has introduced six HIV medicines and remains focused on improving the lives of those living with HIV through highly effective therapies that limit drug resistance and reduce overall treatment burden. 

Our diverse HIV portfolio includes seven treatments: 

       In collaboration with Gilead:


    Many challenges remain in the areas of infectious diseases. Janssen is committed to build on our strong legacy of innovation and dedication to the prevention, detection, education and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases like Ebola and MDR-tuberculosis.

    For MDR-tuberculosis Janssen has Sirturo® (bedaquiline), which was the first MDR-TB medication with a new mechanism of action in over 40 years2-4.

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    Adherence to HIV treatment is more vital than ever - but which factors matter most?

    Adherence to HIV-Treatment

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    Drug resistance in ART may be inevitable. But is it reducible?

    Drug Resistance

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    Treating HIV in children is like treating HIV in adults. Just more challenging.

    Treating HIV in Children

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    Expert Talks

    In our section “Expert talks” you will find a number of interviews and presentations with experienced Health Care Professionals working with HIV and Infectious Diseases
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